A tough job -
done safely.

Residential / Commercial / Industrial

National Demolition has a vast amount of experience in this type of demolition work and can see the process through from beginning to end. We use the latest techniques and technology for safe and economical results.

Interior Demolition

If your remodeling project requires interior demolition, you can call on the trusted experts of National Demolition for your specialty contracting needs. Our interior demolition services follow the same rigorous commitment to excellence that we apply to every project.

Waste Removal

At National Demolition we understand the importance of removing demolition waste as quickly as possible, and of recycling as much material as possible.

Equipment Rental New Jersey

National Demolition & Recycling

Headquartered in Hamilton, New Jersey, National Demolition is a fully insured and bonded owner-operated demolition contractor specializing in industrial, commercial and residential demolitions. We serve New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania. Our staff has years of experience in a broad variety of demolition projects and can attack any job, no matter how big. We're also sensitive to your timeline and can work within your schedule to get the job done as quickly as possible.

We are closely connected to Carnevale Disposal, a large-capacity waste disposal company, and can use Carnevale's resources so the demolition waste is removed quickly and efficiently.

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A Commitment to Excellence in Our Industry

Since our founding, National Demolition & Recycling has consistently focused on our commitment to excellence for the many clients that we service on a regular basis. As a major player in recycling and demolition, NJ based company, National Demolition & Recycling, strives to be the best at what we do, providing our clients with quality demolition, excavation, and recycling services as well as equipment rental - New Jersey based, but we also service New York and Pennsylvania.

Whatever Your Needs, We Can Be There for You

Providing the Best Excavation, Recycling, and Demolition NJ Has

Over the years National Demolition & Recycling has worked hard and grown into the kind of reputable company that can provide our clients with the innovative and workable solutions they need to meet their most demanding demolition and recycling needs in the New Jersey area. The wide range of services that we offer our clients includes:

  • Residential (home) Demolition;
  • Industrial Demolition;
  • Commercial Demolition;
  • Interior Demolition; and
  • Waste Removal

Client Relationships Make the Difference

When searching for demolition and equipment rental services for your project, you are sure to find a variety of providers willing to contract with you to do the work you need. But if you are looking for absolutely the best in customer care and expertise for all needs you may have, you can get the best demolition NJ has to offer from National Demolition & Recycling. You need a partner that routinely performs above and beyond to get the job done, and we want to develop a relationship with you and your company, making sure that:

  • Your project utilizes the latest techniques and technologies that are available in order to complete the project safely, achieve the most economical results, and provide you with the equipment rental NJ regulations have approved.
  • Every project you contract for us to complete meets the same rigorous commitment to excellence that we apply to every project and to every client.
  • All projects you need assistance with, whether they are the demolition NJ companies are in need of, recycling projects, or equipment rental New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania companies have contracted for, National Demolition & Recycling will complete them as quickly as possible while remaining sensitive to your own site specific timeline.
  • Reaching Out Across the East Coast

While National Demolition & Recycling is headquartered in Hamilton, New Jersey, we are proud of the fact that we have been able to expand our reach across the East Coast, serving the demolition and recycling needs of clients in New York and Pennsylvania as well. We believe in the quality of the services that we provide, and our years of experience in recycling, and demolition NJ companies have contracted for has given us the tools we need to successfully manage client projects across the Eastern seaboard.

Quality Isn't Just Our Goal, It's Our Business

The Highest Quality Equipment Rental NJ Can Offer

The reason we have been able to maintain so many long-term client relationships is that at National Demolition & Recycling we offer a customer-oriented service that includes the efficient completion of client projects, combined with a quality work ethic.